The position of favor in the Bathroom ML

Position delicious sex in the Bathroom. Event to make love or making love would seem boring when done in a place that's all. When this condition is experienced, it needs a new spot to explore the intimate activities you and your spouse or partner's body language to understand each other saatt tempting. One of the most interesting space to support these activities is bathrooms.
Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom is one of the most tempting location to enjoy sex. Of course, the role of a bathroom can be more than just a room that is used to clean themselves, but also can be enjoyed for sexual activity.


There are many ways to make couples crazy about your hot action, but this will be more so if you have the creativity is quite unique.

Well, for action to make love you both the smoldering, AskMen ternikmatdescribes several sex positions to enjoy sex in the bathroom . Among them:

Toilet rider

In this position, you can start by closing the toilet seat. You can take a position with a sit back on it, while the couple put their position on top of your body. This time, turn to the woman who played an active role to complete one session of lovemaking.

In this position, the pair could be back to you with a smooth back. You can also kiss with great tenderness. If you want to remain hot, make sure your body in a position facing each other. Perhaps, in this way be regarded majur to reach the peak of orgasm.

Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the favorite position of women. The reason is, when in this position, she can use both hands resting on the bath tub. You also have the opportunity to penetrate sensitive areas of the him from behind.

To simplify your action, you can simplify the steps with the help of a mirror. While enjoying the lovemaking session, you can see the face of an increasingly aroused partner.

Shower sex

Enjoy the romance scene in the shower is the fun part. You can enjoy the hottest sex activities by choosing the position of standing on one leg, while the other leg pair waist.

A touch can make a couple more sensual excitement in your delinquency to sexual satisfaction guarantee. In closing the sweet you can end this session with a partner's body soap. Legal

In addition to the latest sex tips "Outstanding Ternikmat sex in the Bathroom", you can also try the latest tips to get sexual satisfaction or pleasure to know the top female sexuality.

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