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The story sounds familiar Indonesian we read now, how the story funny English? hhmm nie difference if that does not speak English get ready google translet heheh .. especially for those who are good at English or are learning English this funny story might be useful:

Why Are Long Names Red Indian?

A little Red Indian boy asked his father, the big chief and witch
doctor of the tribe, "Papa, why is it that We always have long names,
while the white men have shorter names - Bill, Tex or Sam, for example? "

His father replied, "Look, son, our names Represent a symbol, a sign,
or a poem for our culture - not like the white men,
WHO repeat Their names from generation to generation. Also, it is part of
our makeup That in spite of everything, We survived.

For example, your sister's name is Small Romantic Moon Over The Lake,
Because on the night she was born, there was a beautiful moon reflected
in the lake.

Then there's your brother, Big White Horse of the Prairies, Because he
was born on a day That the big white horse gallops over the prairies WHO
of the world appeared near our camp and is a symbol of our capacity to
live and the life force of our people.
It's very simple and easy to understand.

Do you have any other questions, Little Broken Condom Made in China? "
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